House Reincarnated

A 19th century "House of Worship" in the Romanesque Revival Style has been "born again" as a unique residence, faithful to a client's unconventional lifestyle.

Built in 1888, this church was converted into four private residences, one of which was acquired by a long time client. Listed for its historical significance meant the church was under the restrictions of a municipal heritage act.

“The client still speaks about this project as the ‘absolute favourite’ of all the residences we have created for him.”

— Fenwick Bonnell

Architectural givens combined with historical restrictions and a brief full of contrasting ideas imposed by the client, required a calculated solution. In order to rationalize the disparity and define an approach, the concept of a 21st century industrial chateau emerged. The outcome is a genuinely individual residence which harmoniously blends the client’s unconventional thinking and mindfully adapts within the restrictive framework of the structure’s historical significance.